Velvete Womack

With over 21 years in massage therapy, Velvete brings a unique gift of touch to each session.  As an author, educator, speaker, presenter, massage therapist, and Quantum Biofeedback Coach Dr. Velvete imparts her knowledge and wisdom to clients and others within her field of practice.  With a PhD in Metaphysics, Dr. Velvete uses her degree in coaching and educating clients to achieve a greater balanced and stress free lifestyle that will allow each session to become more gratifying with deeper relaxation.

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To listen to Dr. Velvete on KETR click here.  Each month Dr. Velvete provides valuable insight and knowledge to bring a greater awareness to the good in our lives. Be sure to check out her blog as well while on her website. 


 “The power in wisdom is the application of knowledge. There is no power in knowledge if not applied.” Velvete Womack, PhD

Massage Today Magazine regularly publishes Dr. Velvete’s massage articles, research, and work.  Dr. Velvete believes that our bodies are more than just a means and a way to be physically active, but a vessel for energy to be shared bringing greater value to the lives we touch. Each moment is precious so each moment should be spent well. In order to know how you want to spend your time, money, and energy it’s important to know what you value. Understanding what we value allows us to focus our time, money, and energy on the things that will bring even greater value to our lives, but also greater joy. When we spend time, money, and energy on things that are not of value it may seem like we spin our wheels trying to fix what appears to be broken, but really nothing is broken at all, we just need to know what we value.

Dr. Velvete understands her value in what she offers each client and in return her clients receive this value and more. It is important to Dr. Velvete that you feel good as you go about your day, WHY? Because she knows that when you feel good you are better able to help others feel good. When we feel good we are more loving, more able, and even more willing to do more towards what we value. Whether it’s riding bikes or horses, Dr. Velvete knows that if you value those things that your body must be able to function properly in order for you to continue to do what you love. Dr. Velvete values touch, but also knows the value “of” touch.